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Feng Shui Reading on Enchong Dee!

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Doing this purely for fun and for the interest of Enchong Dee’s (who I saw once in a Boracay Resort) fans.

But the reading itself is serious and I hope Enchong Dee won’t get angry with this. However, this is not totally accurate because I don’t have Enchong Dee’s birth time but only his birth date.

Enchong Dee's Feng Shui Reading through Bazi/Paht Chee Chart.

Base on his Bazi/Paht Chee Reading Enchong Dee should have started to ‘shine’ at the age of 9. This would mean that at this age that he truly became apparent that he is a good student (don’t really know if he was an honor student, but I won’t be surprised if he is) and it’s also possible that it was at this age that he started to show excellence with his sports.

At age 19, he would have started to make a name for himself. Maybe this is the time when he started in the entertainment industry or this is the time that he started becoming famous or for his career to start taking off. However, he should be a little careful so he won’t get into accident. If this hasn’t happened yet, it will be good for him to be careful because from age 19 to 28 he might be a little prone to accidents.

At age 29, his career might start to slow down a little and he might have some separation anxiety also. But his chart also shows that at age 29 he would have been more confident with his stature in life.

If he were to marry. His chart indicates that he would marry late. Maybe sometime at the age of 40. This however doesn’t mean that he will not get involved before then.

Enchong Dee’s is born under the sign of Earth Snake and he has Big Earth element. However, base on his chart he sorely lacks the element water, which might indicate that it will be difficult for him to gain wealth or that if money comes in it will also go out of his fast.

His lucky color would be Dark Brown and Yellow.

For those who are curious whether he’ll shine again with his new ABS-CBN new show Tanging Yaman, just like he did in Katorse. The answer, base on his Bazi chart, it’s a resounding Yes!


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Marlene Aguilar Practices Feng Shui. What Happened?

I got a call from one of my client. She said, ‘I know Marlene Aguilar, she believes in Feng Shui, and she has several Kuan Yin(s) and other protection deities in her house. What happened? How could this happen to Jason Ivler?’

I’m not sure whether it’s proper for me to even answer her question publicly. It’s one thing to give unsolicited advice to celebrities or politicians who are ‘public figures’ but it’s another thing to give unsolicited advice to private citizens like Marlene Aguilar and Jason Ivler who was only forced into being public figures because of unfortunate incidents.

But I also would like to take this opportunity to clarify some thing. Feng Shui is just one aspect of our luck or fate. It actually involves three things, which is called Tien Ti Ren or Heaven’s Luck, Earth’s Luck, and Man’s Luck.

Tien or Heaven’s Luck is something that is already pre-destined when we are born. I believe that there’s always to path for this and that would depend on us which of the two paths we go through in life.

Ti or Earth’s Luck is Feng Shui. This is something that is within our control. This include our time of birth, name, place we live-in, and even colors we like.

Lastly, Ren or Man’s Luck is the things we do with our life. It is the karma we make for ourselves. This is something that’s within our control. No matter how much we believe in Feng Shui it’s useless if we don’t work, or if we continue to engage in negative things and earn negative karma.

I’m not here to judge either Marlene Aguilar or Jason Ivler, because I’m sure there are a lot more things that we don’t see on TV. To add to this, I was also told that Marlene Aguilar loves antiques and that in fact her door was from old church or house. This could have contributed to the negative things that are happening to them because antiques carried a lot of negative chi unless we conduct a cleansing ritual to it. Furthermore, I also heard in the news that Jason Ivler’s bedroom is in the basement of their house, and in Feng Shui this is really bad place. Basement is usually devoid of positive chi unless specifically cured with Feng Shui.

Just when I was about to finish writing this blog article, I got a call from a friend in ABS-CBN telling me about Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz and that they are dating each other. For a while I thought she’d ask me to do a Feng Shui reading on them. Hmmm…I’m glad she didn’t. ☺

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Unsolicited Feng Shui Advice for Noynoy Aquino: Wear a Ruyi Charm!

Is Is Noynoy Aquino still the front runner?

During last Sunday’s The Buzz over ABS-CBN, Kris Aquino has raised the her disappointment with what she said an unfair treatment towards Noynoy Aquino. Noynoy’s name was dragged when the issue between Kris Aquino, James Yap, and Mayen Austria was made public. People began to question whether Noynoy should even be allowed to go to Malacanang if his family gets involved with issues like what Kris Aquino had. To be completely fair to Noynoy, he was not involved in the issue and Kris Aquino’s problems doesn’t have anything to do with him. To draw an extreme comparison, its like saying that Jesus is not the Christ to the Christians because His brothers really didn’t believe in him anyway, at least not at the beginning, but does it make Him less of what he really is?

But this actually brings us to the secondary issue against Noynoy Aquino, which is does he have the determination to lead and become a leader? Noynoy, is one of the Presidentiables that I’m considering to vote for. However, when it comes to leadership front, it seems to me he is a little weak in that aspect.

Pardon me, but my unsolicited advice to Noynoy Aquino in the Feng Shui aspect is for him to wear a Ruyi charm. Don’t wear it as bracelet but he should wear it as a necklace. If it’s possible a gold ruyi will be better than a jade one, because gold will add more yang or positive energy to the effects of the ruyi.

Ruyi, is a very powerful Feng Shui symbol for people who wants to be more authoritative. It’s a good charm who are in leadership or managerial position. Ruyi helps command respect. In fact, all people in power or managerial position should consider getting a ruyi.

Sample of a Gold Ruyi. (But this is a keychain not a pendant.)


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