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Feng Shui Reading on Enchong Dee!

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Doing this purely for fun and for the interest of Enchong Dee’s (who I saw once in a Boracay Resort) fans.

But the reading itself is serious and I hope Enchong Dee won’t get angry with this. However, this is not totally accurate because I don’t have Enchong Dee’s birth time but only his birth date.

Enchong Dee's Feng Shui Reading through Bazi/Paht Chee Chart.

Base on his Bazi/Paht Chee Reading Enchong Dee should have started to ‘shine’ at the age of 9. This would mean that at this age that he truly became apparent that he is a good student (don’t really know if he was an honor student, but I won’t be surprised if he is) and it’s also possible that it was at this age that he started to show excellence with his sports.

At age 19, he would have started to make a name for himself. Maybe this is the time when he started in the entertainment industry or this is the time that he started becoming famous or for his career to start taking off. However, he should be a little careful so he won’t get into accident. If this hasn’t happened yet, it will be good for him to be careful because from age 19 to 28 he might be a little prone to accidents.

At age 29, his career might start to slow down a little and he might have some separation anxiety also. But his chart also shows that at age 29 he would have been more confident with his stature in life.

If he were to marry. His chart indicates that he would marry late. Maybe sometime at the age of 40. This however doesn’t mean that he will not get involved before then.

Enchong Dee’s is born under the sign of Earth Snake and he has Big Earth element. However, base on his chart he sorely lacks the element water, which might indicate that it will be difficult for him to gain wealth or that if money comes in it will also go out of his fast.

His lucky color would be Dark Brown and Yellow.

For those who are curious whether he’ll shine again with his new ABS-CBN new show Tanging Yaman, just like he did in Katorse. The answer, base on his Bazi chart, it’s a resounding Yes!


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