2010 Year of the Metal Tiger Feng Shui Forecast

Checking the yearly forecast has been customary for a lot of us, especially for those who believes in Feng Shui.

As early as November, I’ve been getting a lot text messages and email inquiring about what the year of the Tiger has in store for us. I would like to share with you a text message sent to me by one of my client.

She asks: “Since it is the Year of the Metal Tiger, some Chinese would consider it to be the Year of the Golden Tiger, suggesting wealth, while others would call it the Year of the White Tiger, denoting bad luck. What do you have to say on this matter? Will it be a good year or a bad one?”

The reason I’m sharing here question is because I think she pose two of the most common question, but before I answer it I would like to clarify that the 2010 Metal Tiger doesn’t start until Feb 14, 2010 which is the date of the Chinese New Year this year, but we will start feeling the effects of the Metal Tiger starting on Feb. 4.

Now to answer her question…

If you look at the Feng Shui chart and element you’ll notice that it only consists of 5 elements, which are Metal, Fire, Wood, Water, and Earth. There is no such thing as Gold or White; therefore technically speaking there is no such thing as Golden Tiger or White Tiger. However, Chinese normally associate metal with gold because of their belief, which is also widely accepted in Feng Shui, that gold enhances a person’s luck or adds to the ‘potency’ of a lucky object. On the other hand, White, which is also sometimes associated with Metal, was used by Chinese to connote a bad year ahead because White is the color of death for Chinese.

It’s not easy to answer the question whether it is going to be a good or bad year, because the 2010 Paht Chee Chart of the Metal Tiger is extremely interesting, at first glance one will say that it is an extremely difficult year because the Tiger whose earthly branch represents the wood is in direct conflict with the heavenly branch of the year which is metal. Those who are familiar with Feng Shui knows that these two elements are in direct contrast with each other. To further add to the problem the whole Paht Chee chart for the year lacks the element of water, even the hidden heavenly stems of the year lacks water. If the water element is missing this could only mean that there is a complete drying up of resources. Growth in all aspect of life should not be expected or will prove to be very challenging.

Nevertheless, there are two heavenly stems that are of the earth element that shows that the year does not lack wealth opportunities. This may seem conflicting with the first statement but what this says is that wealth will be present to those who are creative, aggressive, and hard working. However, this is not like a new kind of wealth but more wealth that stems from what you already have.


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    Vk said,

    Not pregnant yet but would like to be. I’m a yellow tiger should I try for a metal tiger or wait for the year of the rabbit. I find rabbits rather stubborn.

    • 2

      jeffreyco said,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to answer your question because of the limited information. To be able to answer your question better I would need your birthdate and that of your partner.I will be able to tell you about the Golden Luck Triangle that may bring lots of good luck to your family. However, generally speaking all children or babies brings in very good yang energy to the house and to the family. Hope this answers your question.

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