Bring Sping into Your Home this 2010 Chinese New Year!

In my previous blog I talked about the absence of ‘spring’ this coming Chinese New Year! This means that there will be an absence of wealth luck because there’s no renewing of cycle.

I also mentioned that we could recreate Spring by inviting the Dragon into our home.

However, today, I would like to share another ritual that you can do to ‘invite’ Spring into your home thereby activating your wealth luck.

On Feb. 4, 2010 the day of the Lap Chun put flowers that signifies spring in your house. If you can get some Cherry Blossoms or Plum Blossoms that would work really well. However, it might be a little difficult to get them here in the Philippines, so instead you can use any flowers that you fancy and like, unless that flower happens to be a rose. In fact, you should make it a point that you don’t put any flowers that has thorns. Make sure you put these flowers in all sections/rooms of your house except the garage and toilet.

The more variety or color that you can have the better.

Then on the 13th put 7 different flower bulbs into a jar of water. Do this around 7am. Invite the energy of the sun by putting the jar outside of your house, and expose to the sunlight the whole day and night until 7am the following day, Feb. 14, 2010 that is the 1st day of the Chinese New Year!

Put a teaspoon of rock salt or sea salt into the Flower Water and sprinkle it around the house. This will bless and cleanse your house and imbue the power of Spring into your house.

Beautiful flower arrangements like the one in the picture which is specifically designed to show the beauty of spring are very powerful Feng Shui tool to signify that you brought in 'Spring' into your house.

Get some real Plum Blossom if you can.

Cherry Blossoms are the best. If its not available, any other flowers without thorns will do. Pictures are fine and will work as well but nothing beats the real thing.


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