Who among us haven’t heard of the words Feng Shui? I think a lot of us are familiar with it, but may not be totally clear as to what Feng Shui really is. My blog hopes to be able to answer some of the most common questions about Feng Shui and it also hopes to empower people to be more familiar with it and perhaps incorporate it with their/your lives.

But first who am I.

My name is Jeffrey Co, friends calls me Jeff. I am usually introduced by my friends and/or clients as a Feng Shui expert or consultant, but the truth is that I see myself more as a Feng Shui student who happens to give consultation to people who are in need of Feng Shui help, maybe because they are experiencing some difficulties in some aspect of their life. I only happen to be able to do this because this is something I know, much like a political adviser to a politician, a marketing consultant to a businessman, and life consultant to a person looking for some help.

I practically ‘grew up’ with Feng Shui. My parents are staunch believers of Feng Shui and they seldom buy a property, move into a new house or office, and make big business/life decisions without consulting a Feng Shui expert. These were my very first exposure and lesson in Feng Shui because I would normally join them for these Feng Shui sessions.

However, even if I grew up with ‘Feng Shui’ at one point I came to doubt whether it was true or not, whether it really works or not. I totally attribute this to the fact that as a teenager we all have natural tendency to question the things that we believe while we’re growing up. But during my college years something happened that really made me believe in Feng Shui, and that prompted me to become a serious student of Feng Shui.

After college, I decided to pursue and study more about Feng Shui, I read all the books that I can read and attend all the Feng Shui seminars that I can attend. However, I realized that these things are not enough; I need to learn from a real Feng Shui master. My search for Feng Shui master proved to be a big task! The search went on for about 4 months, until my father’s friend saw one in China, but he has one major requirement. For him to take me in as his student, I have to live in China and be his student for 6 months.  My career was doing quite well by then and thought that I’m giving up a lot of things just to pursue a passion that I have no interest making a career of. I said no and declined the generous ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity/offer.

But as fate would have it, somebody invited that particular Feng Shui master to the Philippines and we had the chance to meet him. At that particular time, one of my uncles was having a difficulty with his business and the sad news he also lost one of his sons a month before that particular meeting. Over lunch we shared this with the Feng Shui master and he conducted a diagnosis of the house of my Uncle without even stepping into his house! He described the possible Feng Shui errors in his house for that problem to happen. Surprisingly, he was accurate. He clarified that its not fortune telling and/or psychic reading. He simply said what would normally cause that kind of problem.

That again arouses my interest to become a serious student of Feng Shui. With the push from my parents and their financial support I decided to go to China from this particular Feng Shui master. I started calling him Si Hu or Master Teacher.

Si Hu taught me all the theories and principle of Feng Shui. He was a strict teacher but more than that he also believes in practical learning so he would bring me to his clients and let me learn things from experience. Through Si Hu I also got the opportunity to meet some of the most revered Buddhist and Taoist monks in China and Taiwan. He also introduced me several Tibetan Lamas, one of these eventually provided me the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama.

After 6 months of training, I went back to the Philippines and started incorporating all the things that I’ve learned with my family, our properties, and businesses. I also started ‘professionalizing’ my Feng Shui practice but I never commercial. Meaning I never went on TV or advertises myself. However, through the years, I can see that there is a renewed interest in Feng Shui and I thought much of what is being said on TV or print are either very general or not very accurate. With the ‘pressure’ from my friends and clients I decided to start this blog to help people who are interested in Feng Shui to become more equipped to understand and discern which one are true and which one of the numerous things that they read and see on TV are not exactly accurate.

My biggest apprehension in starting this blog is that I’m not a writer. My written English skill is not average they’re bad. But I realized that if I do well in the content part even if the structure is weak people would in the end understand what Feng Shui really is.


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