2010 Feng Shui Annual Flying Chart!

For those who are not yet familiar with it. Flying Star is base on the Lo Shu Feng Shui.

The Lo Shu is compose of a square with 9 small square with a corresponding numbers which are numbers 1-9. The numbers are always in such a way that when you add them whether vertically or horizontally it will always add up to the sum of 15. It is very much the same with Sudoku. Only the Lo Shu was discovered and formulated more than 7,000 years ago.

It is believed that the Lo Shu was revealed by a Mystical Dragon Tortoise to a revered Monk. This became one of the basis or theoretical guide of Feng Shui. Each number is has a designated star that corresponds to a certain luck or affliction which is called flying star.

It’s important for us to be familiar with this so that we’ll know whether we benefit from a specific auspicious star or we are afflicted with a negative star.

Let me present to you the 2010 Metal tiger Annual Flying Chart:

1. The Number One (1) which is also know as the White Star/Victory Star/Mentor Star flies to the West.

This star bring good career luck and helps you overcome obstacles. This also brings in the opportunity and mentor luck. If your room/office/work area is in the west, it will be good for you to enhance this luck by putting a picture of a successful person that you admire, or by putting an image of the Great Happy Buddha.

2. The Number Two (2) Star plagues the Northeast.

I say plagues the Northeast because the Number Two Star brings in a lot of health problems, that’s why its also called the Illness Star. People whose bedroom, or office, or work area is in the Northeast section had to be careful. This star is specially bad for the bedroom. To counter this star it will help to put Wu Lou/Holy Gourd beside your bed. While its not as bad in the office it will still help if you can also place a smaller Wu Lou or Holy Gourd on your table. You have to know also that while your office or work table is not in the Northeast section but while working you face Northeast, it will be very good if you can also place a Wu Lou or wear the Sau word, or a Peach Fruit pendant.

3. The Number Three (3) Star which is also known as the Quarrelsome Star lands on the South.

What does it mean? It means that if your bedroom happens to be on the South part of the house, you’ll find yourself getting into more arguments and/or people who are backbiting/back fighting you. To counter this it will be nice for you have a Fireball in your bedroom and also it will help a lot if you wear a Fireball pendant. In the office it will be good to have a Fireball on your table and a image of a Rooster on your table. The Rooster is to help you from office politicking.

4. The Number Four (4) Stars flies to the North section.

If your bedroom is in the North section of the house, you’ll definitely have a blooming love life. This is because the Number Four Star is also known as the Romance Star. However, this may also bring in a third party into the relationship if you’re a couple whose bedroom is in the North section of the house. For single people, to enhance this luck, get a pair of Mandarin Ducks, preferably in pink and place it in your room. For married couple to prevent a third party in your relationship get an image of a Rooster w/ Fan, or if you can’t find this, get an image of a Rooster and buy a wood fun and place it at the foot of the Rooster. In the office this would mean that your relationship with your officemates will be more harmonious. To enhance this in the office it will be nice for you to pink crystal point on your table.

5. The Number Five (5) Stars flies into the Southwest.

This is the most fear star of all, because this brings in the Five Yellow Star! For those who are not familiar with this star please refer to my blog last Janury 21, 2010 entitled ‘Understanding Tai Sui/Grand Duke Jupiter, Five Yellow Star and San Sha/3 Killings’. Briefly put this star brings severe misfortune. So if your bedroom, office, work area happens to be in the Southwest my first recommendation is for you to vacate this area, don’t make any renovations, and avoid playing loud music, or having parties in this area. If vacating the area/room is not possible make sure you place a Five-Element Pagoda. If you can get one that has a mantra on it the better. For people whose bedroom, office, work area or even if you are working facing the Southwest it will be nice to wear a 5-Element Pagoda pendant or carry the Five-Element Pagoda keychain. As mentioned in my previous blogs I prefer the pendant over the keychain.

6. The Number Six (6) Star also known as the Big Auspicious or Heaven Star flies to the East.

The stars brings in a lot of windfall luck or unexpected luck, on top of that it brings in the star of authority luck which manifest by making the person who benefits in this luck being more powerful and enjoying respect. For houses whose main door faces the East will also greatly benefit from this star. To enhance this luck place the image of the Eight (8) Immortal Gods in the East section of your house, and office or work area if they are in the East section of the building. It is not advisable to put the image of the Eight Immortal Gods in your bedroom. However, in replacement of the 8 Immortal Gods one can instead place the 8 Auspicious Objects or Ruyi, both as an item place in the bedroom or worn as a pendant.

7. The Number Seven (7) Star known as the Robbery Star afflicts the Southeast.

All the Southeast bedroom, offices, work area, and specially houses whose main door faces the Southeast is afflicted with this the number 7 or robbery star which brings loss, violence, and bloodshed. People who are in these rooms or house may be vulnerable to being robbed off from idea, opportunity, or maybe cheated which may result to financial loss. At its worst, the star may even bring physical danger. It is very important to counter this star by placing a double – horned rhinoceros or rhinoceros with elephant in the afflicted areas. People who stays in these rooms or houses can also wear a double-horned rhinoceros pendant.

8. The Number Eight (8) Star also known as the Prosperity or Wealth Star lands in the center of the home or office.

If your room or office is in the center, expect a lot of wealth or prosperity luck specially if you enhance this star properly. It will be nice to put 9 Crystals Balls in this area or an auspicious water fall. However, you have to make sure that this area doesn’t house the kitchen, wash area, or toilet because it will draw away all the auspiciousness that the star brings and makes it really bad for you.

9. Lastly the Number Nine (9) Star, which is also known Sovereign Prosperity Star, flies into the Northwest.

This star brings recognition and permanent wealth to the people whose rooms, office, or workplace are in the Northwest. If the main door of your house is also in the Northwest it will bring recognition and permanent wealth luck. Permanent wealth luck means this is the time for you to look for a job or change career, or put up your own business. It is not something that you get overnight, but it is something that’s may help generate regular income or bigger income. To enhance this luck it will be nice to display images of the Wealth deities. You can also wear the mystic knot to enhance this luck if you are occupying a room in this section of the house or office.


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Bring Sping into Your Home this 2010 Chinese New Year!

In my previous blog I talked about the absence of ‘spring’ this coming Chinese New Year! This means that there will be an absence of wealth luck because there’s no renewing of cycle.

I also mentioned that we could recreate Spring by inviting the Dragon into our home.

However, today, I would like to share another ritual that you can do to ‘invite’ Spring into your home thereby activating your wealth luck.

On Feb. 4, 2010 the day of the Lap Chun put flowers that signifies spring in your house. If you can get some Cherry Blossoms or Plum Blossoms that would work really well. However, it might be a little difficult to get them here in the Philippines, so instead you can use any flowers that you fancy and like, unless that flower happens to be a rose. In fact, you should make it a point that you don’t put any flowers that has thorns. Make sure you put these flowers in all sections/rooms of your house except the garage and toilet.

The more variety or color that you can have the better.

Then on the 13th put 7 different flower bulbs into a jar of water. Do this around 7am. Invite the energy of the sun by putting the jar outside of your house, and expose to the sunlight the whole day and night until 7am the following day, Feb. 14, 2010 that is the 1st day of the Chinese New Year!

Put a teaspoon of rock salt or sea salt into the Flower Water and sprinkle it around the house. This will bless and cleanse your house and imbue the power of Spring into your house.

Beautiful flower arrangements like the one in the picture which is specifically designed to show the beauty of spring are very powerful Feng Shui tool to signify that you brought in 'Spring' into your house.

Get some real Plum Blossom if you can.

Cherry Blossoms are the best. If its not available, any other flowers without thorns will do. Pictures are fine and will work as well but nothing beats the real thing.

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The Great Happy Buddha: A Symbol of Wealth and Happiness!

Today I want to share with you one of the most famous Chinese Deity, the Great Happy Buddha!

The Great Happy Buddha is also known as the Laughing Buddha, Happy Buddha, Golden Buddha or for the Chinese Mi Lo Hut, Puy La Gia, Maitreya.

But whatever name you call it The Great Happy Buddha is one of the most common Feng Shui item and one of the most powerful at that.

For those who are suffering from loss of money, or those who needs financial stability can ask for the help of The Great Happy Buddha by placing it at his/her wealth sector.

For those who are depress, sad, or undergoing some big problem having The Great Happy Buddha around him/her will definitely uplift your spirit. But more than the effect of The Great Happy Buddha’s looks it’s a very powerful Feng Shui tool to counter the negative chi of the things mentioned above.

In choosing your Great Happy Buddha, just look for something that really makes you feel good.

Continue tapping its lucky chi by rubbing your palm against the tummy of The Great Happy Buddha every morning.

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Basic Chinese New Year’s Ritual to Enhance Feng Shui Luck!

Sometimes we get too engrossed with different Feng Shui rituals or even with Feng Shui items or charms whenever the Chinese New Year is coming. However, there are some very simple Feng Shui ritual that we need to do so that we enhance luck and the positive chi of our house or lives.

Before Feb. 4 to before the Chinese New Year whichever comes first, we need to do a spring cleaning. Spring cleaning means we clean up all the dirt that I might have accumulated in our house. Throw away all the things that you no longer use. Things that are kept for sentimental reason should be hidden properly or should be displayed in a uncluttered area.

Make sure that there is not a single item in your house is broken or chipped, especially when it comes to your kitchenware or plates or glasses.

Make sure you change your wallet every year, and make sure you don’t keep any unwanted or unnecessary papers inside your wallet.

Buy or get yourself a new set of clothes, this should include underwear. If possible buy a new pair of shoes and socks. If budget is a concern make sure you clean your shoes. Then wear them on Chinese New Year’s day.

Take a Feng Shui Cleansing Bath or Shower! Light 9 red candles inside the shower room and take a shower. If you’re in the tub put 1 cup of sea or rock salt and mix it in the water and soak yourself for 10 minutes. If you’re in the shower, after rinsing your shampoo and soap, gently rub yourself with sea or rock salt and then rinse yourself with water.

Throw the red candle away. For different people sharing a single shower room make sure you have your own 9 pcs of red candle. Do not share. Make sure you do this before lunch time on Chinese New Year’s day.

Make sure you throw one old item from your living room and get a new one. Try to make sure to replace the old item with somebody that ‘happy’ in nature, meaning it should be colorful.

Re-energize all your Feng Shui items. You can bring it to a Feng Shui shop and they may energize it for you. But I think the best way to energize it is to bring it to a Buddhist-Taoist Temple and pass it over the incense burner three times. I also do Feng Shui energizing ritual.

Another simple way to re-energize your Feng Shui items is to tie a red ribbon around it. Replace the ribbon whenever it gets dirty, but this is not meant to replace the more effective way of re-energizing your feng shui that are mentioned above.

Light an incense in all four corners of your property, outside the main door (gate or main door), and in all the rooms. Do this before 12 noon and preferably between 7 and 9 in the morning which is the Dragon Hour.

Do this ritual on Chinese New Year’s day or on February 4 whichever comes first.

Personally I like sandalwood for this ritual. If possible recite the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra 108 times in each of the room.

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Understanding Tai Sui/Grand Duke Jupiter, Wu Wang/Five Yellow Star, and San Sha/3 Killings!

Every year we hear Feng Shui experts talking about Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter, Wu Wang/Five Yellow Star (also called Five Yellow Killing Star or Five Killing Star) and San Sha or 3 Killings, but very few really understand what are these.

You’ll hear people say you should be careful and make sure that you don’t offend the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter; the 3 Killings is in your corner this year therefore you need to be careful and protect yourself; this is really going to be a bad year for you before you have the Five Yellow.

Basically, you know that you have to be careful, you know that you have to wear some kind of charm but what does these 3 really mean?


Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter has nothing to do with the planet Jupiter.

In the Chinese zodiac, there are sixty heavenly generals who assist the Jade Emperor in taking charge of the well-being of the Mortal World. Each of them takes turn to be in charge for a year. Due to most of them having a military background, they are normally known as the Military Generals, or as the Cycle Gods. Each of their features and weapons signifies the well-being of that year. For example, if the Tai Sui of the year is one who holds a pen, it signifies political unrest for that particular year. On the other hand, if the Tai Sui of the year holds a spear or sword it signifies the need to work hard and excel for that year.

In Taoism, those whose Chinese Zodiac is offended, or by their sign conflict or clashes with the Tai Sui of the year are advised to go through a prayer session with a Taoist Priest to ask for blessing in obtaining Peace and Good Fortune throughout the year. Talismans that are designed to protect us from Tai Sui are also specially designed every year to help us appease the Tai Sui. I personally design a Tai Sui Protection Charm, however, the Pi Yao is also a very good Tai Sui Charm.

Pi Yao, a Celestial Animal, is a Good Tai Sui Charm.

For those whose animal sign are in direct conflict with the Tai Sui, wear a Pi Yao pendant. Choose one that's really nice. My personal favorite is the one that's made of jade. However, the metal and other semi-precious stones are good as well. But don't ever get something that's made of plastic.

A Pi Yao bracelet enhanced with semi-precious stones will work as well. However, I personally prefer the pendant.

Personally I don't like the Piyao that's shown in the picture. This is what I term as a 'Lazy Piyao' . A Piyao should be defending us from Tai Sui by appeasing it how can a 'lazy' thing appease a god.

In Feng Shui, the area of the house corresponding with the position of that year’s Tai Sui is to be left undisturbed or misfortune will befall the residence.

The 2010 Tai Sui God is General Wu Huan.

Wu Wang or the Five Yellow Star or the Five Yellow Killing Star is one of the most dreaded flying star. It is said that it affects all the five elements luck of the sign that is affected by the Wu Wang. You’ll never know where the Wu Wang will really strike you. It can be illness, accident, wealth loss, or it can be just about any kind of bad luck.

One of the most effective cure of the Wu Wang or 5 Yellow Star is the Five Element Pagoda. Thus if you’re also affected by the Five Yellow it will be nice to wear the Five Element Pagoda Pendant, or always carry the Five Element Pagoda key chain. Personally I like the pendant better than the key chain.

Five Element Pagoda. One should put an 'earth'/soil from the garden of your residence, inside the Five Element Pagoda and place it at the sector affected by the Wu Wang.

This is Lillian Too's '5 Element Pagoda' Necklace. It can be a little pricey though. At the time of this writing its price at above US$450.00. After much thought I designed my own 'Five Element Pagoda' Pendant which is very similar to this one but priced much less. I was able to get it down by putting less gold but it works as well.

Probably the reason behind the name is because three earthly branches are involved. In bazi twelve animals have a triplicity formation called the frames, grouping three earthly branches to represent a particular element. The frames constitute of one cardinal sign, one mutable or traveling (as called by the Chinese) sign and one fixed or earth sign, The Chinese astrological triplicity/frames are as follows – Monkey, Rat and Dragon form the water frame; Pig, Rabbit and Goat form the wood frame; Tiger, Horse and Dog forms the fire frame and finally Snake, Rooster and Ox form the metal frame.

To understand this further one needs a little understanding of the Chinese seasons. The Tiger marks the beginning of spring and ends at the Dragon, therefore Tiger, Rabbit (cardinal direction – East) and Dragon represent the entire spring season. In the same manner Snake, Horse (cardinal direction – South) and Goat represent summer; Monkey, Rooster (Cardinal direction – West) and Dog represent autumn and Pig, Rat (Cardinal direction – North) and Ox represents winter.

The triplicity frame denotes the year, opposite to the frames cardinal direction lies the San Sha location for eg. in the year of the Monkey(Shen), Rat (Cardinal direction North) or Dragon (Chen), the San Sha’s location is Horse (Wu). San Sha is always located in the cardinal directions. Now, Horse belongs to the summer season whereby we take into account Snake and Goat. For making it simple in the year of the Monkey, Rat or Dragon we say that San Sha is in South.

Disturbing the San Sha can cause betrayal, robbery, and loss of money, injuries, illnesses and fatalities. The degree of ill effect however varies ranging from a small amount of money loss to bankruptcy or a common flu to major illness.

Avoid digging, construction, any form of earth works in the San Sha area for that particular year. If it is absolutely essential to do renovation and repair works then it is advisable to consult the Chinese Almanac (Tong Shu) or Feng Shui Consultant like me for appropriate date selection.

The ancient texts do mention that it is acceptable to have your house facing San Sha but it is quite detrimental to sit (house behind) on San Sha. This is said probably because one of the names of San Sha is Robbery Sha and robbers do have a tendency to attack from behind then the front of the property.

One of the most effective way to counter the ill effects of the San Sha is to put the Three Celestial Guardians facing the direction of the San Sha. If the 3 Killings is in the corner of your animal sign, the best way to confront this is to wear the 3 Celestial Guardians pendant or charm, or you can the 3 Gods pendant or charm namely Fuk Luk Sau.

The Three Celestial Guardians are very powerful tool to porotect us the San Sha or 3 Killings.

Fuk Luk Sau are not worshipped but they are very powerful charms also that can defend us from the ill effects of San Sha or Three Killings.

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Feng Shui Reading on Enchong Dee!

Picture was lifted from Google Image

Doing this purely for fun and for the interest of Enchong Dee’s (who I saw once in a Boracay Resort) fans.

But the reading itself is serious and I hope Enchong Dee won’t get angry with this. However, this is not totally accurate because I don’t have Enchong Dee’s birth time but only his birth date.

Enchong Dee's Feng Shui Reading through Bazi/Paht Chee Chart.

Base on his Bazi/Paht Chee Reading Enchong Dee should have started to ‘shine’ at the age of 9. This would mean that at this age that he truly became apparent that he is a good student (don’t really know if he was an honor student, but I won’t be surprised if he is) and it’s also possible that it was at this age that he started to show excellence with his sports.

At age 19, he would have started to make a name for himself. Maybe this is the time when he started in the entertainment industry or this is the time that he started becoming famous or for his career to start taking off. However, he should be a little careful so he won’t get into accident. If this hasn’t happened yet, it will be good for him to be careful because from age 19 to 28 he might be a little prone to accidents.

At age 29, his career might start to slow down a little and he might have some separation anxiety also. But his chart also shows that at age 29 he would have been more confident with his stature in life.

If he were to marry. His chart indicates that he would marry late. Maybe sometime at the age of 40. This however doesn’t mean that he will not get involved before then.

Enchong Dee’s is born under the sign of Earth Snake and he has Big Earth element. However, base on his chart he sorely lacks the element water, which might indicate that it will be difficult for him to gain wealth or that if money comes in it will also go out of his fast.

His lucky color would be Dark Brown and Yellow.

For those who are curious whether he’ll shine again with his new ABS-CBN new show Tanging Yaman, just like he did in Katorse. The answer, base on his Bazi chart, it’s a resounding Yes!

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Marlene Aguilar Practices Feng Shui. What Happened?

I got a call from one of my client. She said, ‘I know Marlene Aguilar, she believes in Feng Shui, and she has several Kuan Yin(s) and other protection deities in her house. What happened? How could this happen to Jason Ivler?’

I’m not sure whether it’s proper for me to even answer her question publicly. It’s one thing to give unsolicited advice to celebrities or politicians who are ‘public figures’ but it’s another thing to give unsolicited advice to private citizens like Marlene Aguilar and Jason Ivler who was only forced into being public figures because of unfortunate incidents.

But I also would like to take this opportunity to clarify some thing. Feng Shui is just one aspect of our luck or fate. It actually involves three things, which is called Tien Ti Ren or Heaven’s Luck, Earth’s Luck, and Man’s Luck.

Tien or Heaven’s Luck is something that is already pre-destined when we are born. I believe that there’s always to path for this and that would depend on us which of the two paths we go through in life.

Ti or Earth’s Luck is Feng Shui. This is something that is within our control. This include our time of birth, name, place we live-in, and even colors we like.

Lastly, Ren or Man’s Luck is the things we do with our life. It is the karma we make for ourselves. This is something that’s within our control. No matter how much we believe in Feng Shui it’s useless if we don’t work, or if we continue to engage in negative things and earn negative karma.

I’m not here to judge either Marlene Aguilar or Jason Ivler, because I’m sure there are a lot more things that we don’t see on TV. To add to this, I was also told that Marlene Aguilar loves antiques and that in fact her door was from old church or house. This could have contributed to the negative things that are happening to them because antiques carried a lot of negative chi unless we conduct a cleansing ritual to it. Furthermore, I also heard in the news that Jason Ivler’s bedroom is in the basement of their house, and in Feng Shui this is really bad place. Basement is usually devoid of positive chi unless specifically cured with Feng Shui.

Just when I was about to finish writing this blog article, I got a call from a friend in ABS-CBN telling me about Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz and that they are dating each other. For a while I thought she’d ask me to do a Feng Shui reading on them. Hmmm…I’m glad she didn’t. ☺

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